Customer involvement to the Sky community in UK

At Lithium’s customer meetup on November 10th hosted by Spotify, John Lewis of Sky UK gave great insights to Sky UK’s approach for their customer community. Customer involvement to Sky’s community is large: roughly 15 % of all Sky UK customers have a community account.


A customer care community

Sky UK’s community is, first of all, a customer care community. Sky’s goal is to handle 20 % of customer service via digital channels and the community plays a vital part in that calculation. Call deflection is used to measure the contribution of the community. But John explains that the count of views of accepted solution needs to be revised:

“To calculate the number of calls deflected, we consider action our customers do after having seen an accepted solution. We subtract all customer views where we suspect that another support channel will be chosen, e.g. when a customer goes to a contact page.”

From the customer support perspective, the community is a great success. Sky UK does not stop there. Sky customers love movies, series, sports etc. Sky makes them talk about that and Sky itself promotes content on the community. A quiet new approach is blogging about pay-per-view (PPV) offers and integrating banner ads to point customers to a booking page.

Sky UK established the community in 2010 as a technical support forum. Today it has grown to include marketing and service content. From an outsider’s point of view, Sky UK’s community success story is yet another example that brand communities accelerate digital transformation because a brand community enables strong relationships with customers. And customers that are happy with the support are more open to share ideas and give input for product development.


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